Open Contest 1 Results Video

Here are the results of the first ever Bens Viewfinder photo contest. Thank you to everyone who participated and I loved the photos that got sent in. Please remember that my critiques and thoughts are just my opinion and to not be taken to personally. It is my goal to create a fun environment for people to learn and share and grow as artists. Without further hesitation here you go!

Open Contest 1 Amatuer Winner - Susan Golebioski


The thing I love about Susan's shot here is how simple yet intriguing it is. The contrast of the dark tree against the background fog creats a lot of wonder. The composition of the shot with the little bits that peak through in the background to fill the frame out and the use of negative space to frame the tree won me over. Great job Susan.

Open Contest 1 Pro Winner - Jenny Hughes


This lovely shot of a wedding was kind of a double take for me. I thought it was interesting but it wasn't until I sat and looked for a minute that I took in the whole scene. I actually didn't even realize it was a wedding at first. I thought it was a church service. But the use of the building to frame the people and the leading lines of the architechture to bring you to the people is very well done. I love the use of distance and the silhouette effect on the crucifix. Great job Jenny.

There were a lot of great submissions and some seirously creative work. I chose the ones I did due to the imagination and creativity that went into them and not just on their technical merit. There are basics to every photograph that you want to try and nail but in reality art is art and it is what you want to convey that is important. Critiquing and having contest is a way to showcase talent and enjoy each others work, but you should always be proud of what you do and just because you don't win a contest or someone says something negative about the shot doesn't mean it isn't great. We all have room to grow and having an environment to do that in is what I want to offer. Thank you again to everyone and we will have another contest soon!

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