Welcome to Open Photo Contest 1!

With this contest my goal is to get everyone started. This is an open forum contest with any theme or shot you like. You can submit landscape, portrait, fine art, HDR, black and white, color, abstract or any other shot you like.

The simple rules are as follows. I can only reward prizes to contestants from the United States and Canada for now. You are welcome to still submit and I will still publish your work even if you don't reside in these countries but rewards will not be given.

No inappropriate or lewd content is allowed. While I appreciate fine art nude photography, it is not always a style suited for the masses. If we have enough interest in the subject we will hold a private contest for the subject later.

You can only submit YOUR work. You had to take the shot, edit the shot and or process the shot yourself. I am glad you have friends to help you with your work but this is about YOU and YOUR talents.

You must submit your photo within the time period of the contest and unless specified only one submission is allowed per person. You are welcome to watermark your work and all work will be "right click protected" in the galleries. All submitting contestants must have "liked" the Facebook page to receive award and publishing.

As of now I do not have a members sign up so you need to title your work and then leave a comment with your name and a brief description about the shot after you upload it. I have enabled comments on all photos. You do however have to sign in via a Smug Mug account (which you can create for free) or via a Facebook account to submit. This helps weed out the spam and cheaters who would try and submit multiple photos. I know you don't need to login to upload the image but to leave the comment with your info you do, which is required for the entry.

Understand that all work submitted to these contests are open for critiquing and comment and that there is a chance your work will not be viewed favorably. Be prepared to accept criticism and we encourage you to give it as well.

For this contest specifically I am offering a prize of a $50 gift certificate to either B&H Photo or $50 in print credit to my gallery. You can apply the $50 to multiple smaller prints or the amount to a larger print that exceeds the amount and pay the difference.

The submission period for the contest will begin on Monday February 10th 2014 and end on Monday March 10th 2014. The winner will be announced on Monday March 17th 2014 and awards will be gifted within a two week period following.

I will also feature the winners of both contests on the front page of my website and on the Bens Viewinder Facebook page. Your images will not be sold or published in any other manner than this and you hold all copyrights to your work.

Thank you for partaking and I hope you guys have fun and I hope we have a good turnout. Considering I am not charging an entry fee feel free to invite everyone you know to submit and give it a try!

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