This is a list of the services I offer and some of the rough costs. Please understand that every situation is unique and to contact me with as much information on what you are looking for as possible.

Prices for sessions are payable via check, cash or credit card either in person or via phone. All prices are paid in two payments. Half at the time of booking and half the day of the shoot.

Please note that all prices are for the entire shoot and not just the cost of the photography. I factor in cost of transportation, time shooting, time editing, proofing and consultations.

Engagement Photo Shoot 1 Hour - $150 weekday / $200 weekend

Modeling Photo Shoot 1 Hour - $200 weekday / $250 weekend

Senior Photo / School Photos 1 Hour - $150 weekday / $200 weekend

Corporate Photo Shoot - $150 / hour (1 hour of shooting is 3 hours total cost with editing)

Real Estate Photos - Starting at $300 and up depending on size of house and property

Weddings - I handle weddings on a case to case basis. I prefer to sit down and do a consultation and give you a stronger figure from there. This can depend on if you need to include engagment photos, just a ceremony, reception and so forth.

Family Photo Shoot 1 Hour - $200 weekday / $250 weekend for family of 4 or less. $50 per additional person.

I also will book for any type of session you are interested in. I will shoot cars, motorcycles, food, hobbies, boudoir or anything you might be interested in. Just inquire with me if it is a specialty case and I will work a figure out for you. I am also willing to travel longer distances for shoots but there will be travel fees involved depending on distance, time of stay, hotel and flight costs etc.

Either contact me through my "Contact Me" page

My email address is

Or by phone at (870)919-1721

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